New NEON Mini Skirts!

17 Nov

NEW NEON d-YO Mini Skirts!


-100% Original Texturing
-All clothing layers
-MESH or SCULPT skirt prim
-HIGH and LOW cut versions

Get them at the Marketplace here:

:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Pink Zebra
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Yellow Leo
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Yellow FATPACK
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Yellow
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Purple Zebra
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Purple Leo
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Purple FATPACK
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Purple
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Pink Zebra
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Pink Leo
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Pink FATPACK
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Pink
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Lime Zebra
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Lime FATPACK
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Lime Leo
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Lime
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Aqua Zebra
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Aqua Leo
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Aqua FATPACK
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Aqua
:OW: “d-YO” Skirt Yellow Zebra

Or see them at the Mainstore


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