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NEW :OW: “LUCiDO” Mesh Nails + Rings

19 Jun

Presenting…NEW :OW: “LUCiDO” Mesh Nails + Rings from ONYX Wear!


These 100% original mesh nails and rings include 0 | 10 | 20 hand sizes.

The HUD will allow you to change each nail individually with 18 different textures, and toggle each ring – hidden or visible.
Nail shape can also be changed between 3 options – square, round and pointed tip.

Also included is a pack of popular skin texture fingertips to hide the skin nail texture to allow for a more realistic fit.

:OW: “LUCiDO” Nails + Rings @ Marketplace
ONYX Wear Mainstore
ONYX Wear Flickr Group


NEW Mesh Jeans Leggings Belt

27 Apr

NEW “MiSH” Mesh Skinny Standard/Neon Jeans

-standard sizing (5 sizes)
-rigged mesh
-custom modeled

Get them at the Marketplace here:

Neon Red
Neon Purple
Neon Yellow
Neon Blue
Neon Pink
Standard Metal
Standard Grey
Standard Black
Standard Blue

NEW “RAPTOR2” Mesh Belt

-standard sizing (5 sizes)
-rigged mesh
-custom modeled
-designed to fit “MiSH” Mesh Skinny Jeans

Get it at the Marketplace here:

Raptor2 Belt

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NEW “MiSH” Mesh Skinny Leggings

-standard sizing (5 sizes)
-rigged mesh
-custom modeled

Get them at the Marketplace here:

Pink Chaos

NEW Toeless Socks & Leggings

18 Mar

NEW Toeless Socks & Leggings!

Get them at the Marketplace here:

:OW: “Aktiv” Toeless Socks/Nylons Purple Pacman
:OW: “Aktiv” Toeless Socks/Nylons Purple Captain
:OW: “Aktiv” Toeless Socks/Nylons Pink Pow
:OW: “Aktiv” Toeless Socks/Nylons Black Cross
:OW: “Aktiv” Toeless Socks/Nylons Aqua Invader
:OW: “Aktiv” Toeless Socks/Nylons Black Invader
:OW: “Aktiv” Toeless Socks/Nylons Gray Super
:OW: “Aktiv” Toeless Socks/Nylons Cream Paws

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NEW “INV4D3R” Cyber Tattoo

21 Feb

This full-body tattoo features a unique cyber design inspired by circuit boards, binary code and retro computer graphics, focusing on an iconic arcade sprite from the early 80’s.

IN WORLD: Mainstore

“Tiger Spirit” Knit Mesh Dress!

16 Feb

We are supporting the Back to Black awareness event run by CHIC Management. For this event we have designed a new knit mesh dress with tiger graphic on the front. The dress is available in 3 sizes (small, medium and large) to fit a wide range of sizes but please try the demo first before purchasing!

Only available at the Back to Black event HERE!

Early (Anti) Valentines Gift

24 Jan

Get it FREE on the marketplace only here for a limited time!

NEW Hot “Zicke” Lingerie!

14 Jan

NEW Hot “Zicke” Lingerie!

Each set comes with a pair of cheeky panties with black lace trim along the waist and matching deep-plunge bra with black lace trim along the bustline. Available on all clothing layers with hand-drawn texturing.

Get them at the Marketplace here:

:OW: “Zicke” Aqua Dots Lingerie
:OW: “Zicke” Pink Leopard Lingerie
:OW: “Zicke” Black Stripe Leopard Lingerie
:OW: “Zicke” Purple Leopard Lingerie
:OW: “Zicke” Silver Leopard Lingerie
:OW: “Zicke” Aqua Leopard Lingerie
:OW: “Zicke” Black Leopard Lingerie
:OW: “Zicke” Aqua Stripe Lingerie
:OW: “Zicke” Black Dots Lingerie
:OW: “Zicke” Black Lingerie
:OW: “Zicke” Pink Dots Lingerie
:OW: “Zicke” Pink Stripe Lingerie
:OW: “Zicke” Silver Lingerie

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